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About Our Team

Our team brings decades of experience in financial markets, insurance and general business. We deliver a proven, pragmatic approach that will lead you to greater confidence in the decisions you make. We believe everyone must stand for something. At Vindex Financial Partners, we stand for you by delivering concierge level service and care, coupled with comprehensive advice.

Michael LaHurd


(205) 532-0218

(205) 930-9430

Mike graduated with a Master’s Degree in Finance from The University of Alabama in 1991. During a career spanning three decades, he has excelled in building client relationships in which he advised clients in wealth management,...

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Clay McDowell

Client Relationship Manager

(205) 790-0832

(205) 930-9430

Clay graduated from the University of Alabama in 2013. He came to love the financial services business by watching his father, T.O. McDowell operate his business. Clay is excellent at building and maintaining relationships and his...

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